Life-Changing Moments

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Your life isn’t going to change in one big, glorious, epic moment. Your life will change in a million tiny ways in the million tiny moments, based on the million tiny decisions you make each day, week, month, and year.

Of course there will be big moments, and big choices, but those are all just the consequences of the little moments and little choices you’ve made before. The big moments never come without an avalanche of little moments to lead up to them.

Can one moment just suddenly pop up and change everything? Sure. But far, far more common is the build-up. What looks like a “big singular moment”, but is really just a compilation of a million tiny moments.

Most people only talk about the big moments. They don’t get into all the little moments, simply because getting into the details would take way too long. Some people don’t even realize there were little moments–they don’t connect all the dots that led them to wherever they wound up. Others just don’t mention it as much, because small stuff seems less relevant. But it’s there. It’s always there, for all of us.

So don’t get caught up and overwhelmed in big-picture thinking. Have your big picture in mind, but then treat questions like, “What should I have for breakfast?” with the same care and consideration you give choices that clearly impact your destiny. Because they ALL impact your destiny.

Every choice you make trains your brain how to respond to choices. If it’s always “whatever’s easiest” or “whatever someone else wants” then that’s the path you start going down.

And the math here is pretty simple.

Giving minimal effort = Getting minimal reward. 

Doing what everyone else does = Getting what everyone else gets.

If you want to get a lot out of life–and live your dreams, whatever they may be–then you have to put a lot into it. Give it your all, and life will give a lot back. And learning to do this isn’t some mystical birthright bestowed on a lucky few; it’s up for grabs to anyone who wants it.

Becoming decisive and knowing how to make good choices is a skill anyone can learn. And, in fact, we all have to learn it.

Start small. Everything starts small. It’s not shameful, it’s nature. Little by little, it’ll become your habit, and that will become your life.

Make one tiny decision today in a manner that makes you feel powerful and in control. Do one little baby thing that moved you toward what you REALTY WANT, instead of what you want RIGHT NOW.

Tomorrow, do it again. If you can do two, do two. If not, be proud of your one awesome decision. You earned it.

Then build, slowly but surely.

And then, keep working toward your goals. Every day, in whatever way you can, move toward your dreams, because they aren’t going anywhere, so you might as well go to them.

One day, you’ll look up from your one-step-after-another and find you’ve arrived.

That’s a pretty life changing moment (and there will be plenty more along the way).

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